Product Care / Handling Instruction

Product Care

Please read the product care information carefully to maintain the quality of BLUNA product. We hope you will enjoy our canisters for years to come.

  • This product is made of steel, and is not suitable to store liquids. Rusting may occur if the product comes into contact with water or excessive humidity, and with normal wear after prolonged use. Dry off completely if handled with wet hands.
  • Do not hand wash. Not recommended for dishwasher, microwave, or oven use. Only the removed inner rubber can be washed by hand.
  • Before first use and to clean, gently wipe the surface with a cloth tightly wrung out of water, followed by dry cloth. Make sure to dry out the surface completely. Do the same after spraying or applying alcohol sanitizer for hand sanitizer.
  • Rusting may occur if the product is left unattended with moisture on the surface.
  • If rusting occurs, we recommend that you stop using the product.
  • Rust itself is not harmful, but it may spread to other metallic items with which it comes into contact. (For example, a rusted canister may rust a stainless steel kitchen surface on which it is placed.)
  • Improper use will damage the product. Please handle with care.
  • Storing the canister in a refrigerator will preserve its contents even better. Please note, however, that rusting may be caused by the condensation from temperature change as you take the canister in and out of the refrigerator.
  • Please keep out of reach of children.

There is a simple trick to opening and closing TYTE canisters.

It does not open when you pull straight up. You want to twist the can as you create a space to let the air get inside the canister. Once the air gets in, the lid comes up smoothly. If the internal rubber came off, simply place the inner rubber back in place by hand.

To close the canister, do not twist the lid. Push the lid straight down until it stops midway. Place both thumbs on the center of the top lid, like this, and push down. When done correctly, you’ll hear a loud closing sound. This method does not require much force and keeps the canisters in good shape. The sound is an indication that it closed properly.