• Airtight and Smell-proof
  • TYTE

  • Decorative and Durable


Airtight and Smell-proof


Decorative and Durable

Product Feature


Opacity hides contents from children.

Minimalist look

Blocks unwanted light that's harmful to cannabis flowers

Discrete Container


Durable.  Hard to break

100% Airtight


Buoyant and waterproof


Multiple usage option as a regular canister.

Can be used to store medicines.

Great size for traveling.

Use for storing CBD treats for pets.

Simple & sleek look is great accent as the part of home decor


There's nothing like our TYTE canisters by BLUNA, and now, we have the US patent to prove it. The lid structure of TYTE canisters ensure a tight seal with the signal sound that tells the lid has been properly closed. And we also have patents and Industrial design rights in Japan.

Designed and Produced in Japan

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I love the outer texture, size, shape, and how it fits into my hands.

I purchased TYTE to store my tea leaves for travel usage. I am excited to test how well the tea leaves stay fresh in a TYTE airtight canister.

I love TRAVEL TYTE for storing my herbal supplements. TYTE Travel prevents the discoloration from moisture in the air, stays close in my purse, and keeps my purse odor-free.

I am an acupuncturist. And I am using a TYTE canister to acupuncture needles and TRAVEL TYTE for moxibustions. Airtight TYTE canister is especially perfect for moxibustion that needs to be completely moist-free. For additional features, the clamp closing sound is a nice indication that the canister is completely closed. I also love the easy to peel magnet sheets for stacking 2 canisters together.

I put tea leaves that I cut the seal on once but don't drink up right away in my TYTE. It's good because it doesn't lose its flavor.

Makes me think of quality - Apple like

Air tight - no smell - tight easy to use lid - magnet on bottom