• Airtight and Smell-proof
  • TYTE

  • Decorative and Durable


Airtight and Smell-proof


Decorative and Durable

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TYTE : Black


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Designed and Produced in Japan

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I love the outer texture, size, shape, and how it fits into my hands.

I purchased TYTE to store my tea leaves for travel usage. I am excited to test how well the tea leaves stay fresh in a TYTE airtight canister.

I love TRAVEL TYTE for storing my herbal supplements. TYTE Travel prevents the discoloration from moisture in the air, stays close in my purse, and keeps my purse odor-free.

I am an acupuncturist. And I am using a TYTE canister to acupuncture needles and TRAVEL TYTE for moxibustions. Airtight TYTE canister is especially perfect for moxibustion that needs to be completely moist-free. For additional features, the clamp closing sound is a nice indication that the canister is completely closed. I also love the easy to peel magnet sheets for stacking 2 canisters together.

I put tea leaves that I cut the seal on once but don't drink up right away in my TYTE. It's good because it doesn't lose its flavor.

Makes me think of quality - Apple like

Air tight - no smell - tight easy to use lid - magnet on bottom